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I'm new to this forum and bfing baby #5. We've had a few issues that I've never experienced before (thrush for example that was so hard to get rid of) and I am having some pain right now that I can't figure out.

One morning I woke up and one breast was very painful and hard (kind of like painful engorgement). Even when he would finish nursing, it would still be hard. I thought maybe plugged duct so I massaged in the shower, then nursed, and did that throughout the day. The hardness is gone, but I am still having a lot of nipple pain when he nurses (he has a perfect latch). This has only happened since that day.

He also has a tendency to chomp down with his gums and yank (yes, not fun at all). He did this really hard the day I had the hardness and it was extremely painful. I'm wondering if maybe he just bruised my nipple, and that's why there's so much pain when he nurses?

Any thoughts? Thank you so much.
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