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Pain in Hips

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I have pain in my hips, as in the joint. I had it with DS in the third trimester, and when I'd mention it during prenatal appts, the nurse just smiled and nodded. Now I'm about nine weeks pregnant and I'm already feeling the pain. This time I'm using yoga for back pain and it works great. Are there exercises or anything that can be done for this hip pain?

I feel it the most when I stand on one leg more than the other. I'm thinking things like ice skating would be really bad right now because of the pushing off to the side. Like I said, it's the joints that are just really hurting. Also when I stand, my body feels very heavy on my hips so I notice it then as well. It's like the joints are inflamed or something.

Suggestions anyone? Thanks!
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I don't have any exercise ideas, but I had horrible hip pain with my first pregnancy that didn't end until a whole YEAR after giving birth. And how did it finally end? I got a real bed! I'd been sleeping on a futon for years, and didn't realize that my body really needed something softer. The hip pain disappeared within weeks of getting a "real" mattress. Something to consider-
Ooh! Ooh! I'm there with you.

I had hip pain with my last two. It started earlier with #2 than it did in my first pregnancy. Somewhere around the beginning of my second trimester. With this one I've been getting the pain since around 8 or 9 weeks. It's always after sleeping on my side for a few hours, so it's probably bed related as well. Blah. Time for a new mattress!

I don't have any suggestions, but I do hope it gets better!
I had hip pain starting that early this pg too. With my other two pgs it didn't start until after 30 weeks. My midwife told me to look into chiropractic and let me tell you, my hip pain is just about gone and is soooooo much more bearable now. I felt it was awfully early to start that type of pain and I really could see it stopping me from being active. Also, yoga is great just don't overstreatch. I also felt it when I was putting more weight on one side than the other so my chiropracter told me to keep equal weight on both feet at all times (think mountain pose all day!) and that has helpped alot too.


The one warning I was given about it is to never, ever push something sideways with your feet while pregnant. I guess it stresses those joints too badly.
I had this about 9 or 10 weeks too, and some SI joint pain. Chiropractic fixed it right up in just a few visits.
You can try physical therapy. My hip/lower back/joints hurt rather badly with this pregnancy. Two trips to therapy and it is gone!

Tailbone was out of whack...
I recommend chiropractic too... I have pubic symphysis and sometimes sciatic pain too so I've been following the tips to cope with the pain. Up until now, doing those things has kept me out of pain for the most part but sweeping/mopping/vacuuming aggravates it as well as using stairs... so instead of just spreading out those chores I may have to quit until after baby is born.

I am continuing my exercise program but in addition to no longer doing any ab exercises, I quit doing the exercises that require opening my legs wide etc. and that made a HUGE difference.
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I have to agree with the chiropractic. I'm a massage therapist, and would also suggest you try getting some massages done, just let your therapist know exactly what's going on and don't hesitate to give feedback about what feels good to you. This is a really common complaint in clients, and I have the same pain! I'm 35 weeks, and it keeps getting worse, but massage and chiropractic definitely make a difference. Good luck!
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