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Thats so funny we all have different theories!

And here's mine; I get this too, it's kind of around the side of my ribs on the left side. I had it last pregnancy too. I do believe it's muscular but I've found that my husband doing some lay-accupressure around that area really helps a lot!
Try feeling around with your hands to find where the sensitive spot is and hold it (very gently) and you may see the pain subside. It can be dicey working with pressure points when your pg but intention has alot to do with that.
So anyway it's kind of like when we get a sinus headache, we will press our temples (kind of instinctively) because this relieves the pressure/pain.
(I find other points more helpful than the temples, but for the sake of example...)
Same idea with the rib pain thing. Mine was killing me last night and after having DH hold the point there, it's gone today (so far).
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