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I just gave birth 4 months ago and ever since my milk came in about 2 days after delivery, my "letdowns" are seriously painful. They feel like a bad headache that lasts 30 seconds up to 2 minutes sometimes. They almost feel like breast contractions and sometimes I feel like I have to practice breathing just to get through it. Now, I do realize that I seem to have a low pain tolerance (which I wish I could find some way to fix) but why should the milk coming out of the glands be painful? I don't understand.<br><br>
I asked my midwife and my mother in law (who's given birth to 12 kids) and they just said "Oh, well letting down is supposed to feel a little weird" Oh no, it does not feel "a little weird". It's painful.<br><br>
And to make things worse, my milk will let down 2 to 3 times in one feeding! Ah! It's just frustrating. No wonder he gulps like crazy and chokes sometimes.<br><br>
Does this happen to anyone besides me and my mom? There has to be someone else out there experiencing this.<br><br>
Advice is much welcomed
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