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I met up with a fellow Freecycler today and our little ones are the same age (7 mos) and they were having so much fun and Andrew was fascinated. Since I am a SAHM and we have a tight budget, I can't do things like Gymboree or those types of classes where little ones can interact. Are there any other PBC mamas who want to get together occasionally (weekly or monthly, depending on everyone's schedules)-either at someones home or out at a park or to take walks? I'm also trying to lose all of the pregnancy, pre-pregnancy and stress-eating weight
. I'd also like to get to know more people in the area-though we're not new, I only had work acquaintences and now my work is ds

I was also thinking about maybe starting a clothing exchange if there are mamas with babes different ages. Now that Andrew is finally starting to get significant weight gain, we've finally gotten out of "newborn" clothes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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