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I'm good at packing. If I were close I'd come help you pack. START NOW! Last year when we moved, I thought I'd go nuts doing it alone (dh helped some when it came down to crunch time) with my 2 yr old, but I did pretty well.

First: pack away all seasonal items, and lable every box with detailed information!!
Second: pack away everything you don't usually use, and throw out everything you don't want or need!! Moving is a great time for declutter. BUT, never throw away decorations of any kind, you may kick yourself later.
Third: pack clothes in garbage bags, but first take stuff you no longer want or wear (didn't wear before pregnancy) to MUST or the Salvation Army
Finally, pack away plates and bowls about 3 weeks before you move, glasses too. You can use washable plastic stuff that you can throw into a bag before you leave! Oh, and plan as many meals as possible between now and then and put away cookware you won't need!

moving is a PITA! But hey, it's gotta happen. Above is how I moved us out in less than 8 weeks! When dh was home, he went through his clothes, and other stuff and got rid of things first, then he packed up things important to him, magazines books ect. That way too, if something of value to him broke, it wasn't my fault LOL.
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