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HEy mama,
take a deep breath

Could you rally friends around yourself to help you with a move in party, so that you can at least have your house in semi-organized order before baby is born? Personally, I think that the babe might know that you need her/him to wait until you're ready...

If it were me, I would call my closest friends, set up a chair in the living room, and tell them (nicely of course) where everything should go to organize the house. Then, buy them all pizza and beer. I have had a few moves where I've had to rely completely on friends to help out because of a bad back and the inability to lift anything, so I know how hard it can be to ask and then just sit there.

But i would be willing to bet that a few people would be willing to coem and help and would even enjoy being in your company before the baby is born and things get crazy.

Peace to you.
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