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I'm "due" the 1st week of sept.... my lease is up sept. 1.

We are trying to move out by mid august...there are several things going on and now we have to look for another place. None of my family or friends live even remotely close by, but DPs mom lives 70 miles from i know she'd be willing to help out with things like buying groceries and stuff... Then there are DPs friends...although I am a little weary if the baby comes early and suddenly there are all these people around helping... I get this feeling I won't wanna be seen!
So i've talked to DP and basically he's accepted the fact that he'll be doing most of the moving, (with whatever friends want to help out...and MIL)... and that if the baby comes early... to also TRY to give me some sort of privacy and just keep me comfortable-- STRESS FREEEEE.
My top priority: no stress.... I want this birth to go smoothly, so it will.

And I don't really care if I look like some "priss" or whatever for not doing things, or avoiding the situation completely at times when I feel some stress and tension coming on.... my baby comes first...therefore I come first

(I've talked to DP about all these fears and that the only way that this UC birth can go the way I want it to--or at least close to it-- is if my fears can be worked through and turned into fact/solutions. So we talked about each one and he's been pretty good about taking on the load--or at least finding others who will help with the load)
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