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to you!!! Talk about adding a little stress to your pregnancy! As in most cases, your fears will probably be worse than the reality of the situation, but even knowing that, it's not easy. Would it help you feel better / in more control if you arranged for friends and family to help you out for the week before and three weeks after the move so that no matter when you have baby, you'll be able to sit back and relax and no worry so much about everything?

If it helps you feel better, I knew a woman whose house (they were renting) was bought by a new owner and they had to move out (their lease was up and they weren't given the option to renew). They found a house to buy and closed on it two days after her due date. Baby waited until their bed was set up (the first thing they did!) and she went into labor the night after the big move (still boxes everywhere). She gave birth in the wee hours of the morning and at 8AM her family and friends showed up to help unpack boxes, etc. and were surprised to find her in bed with a newborn! She and baby got doted on for the next three weeks while friends and family unpacked her house, brought/prepared 3 meals a day, did laundry, etc. She didn't have to do anything except be with baby for those first three weeks - she was in heaven. She said it was the easiest move ever!
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