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pants that fit over toddler CD bum?

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DS is 19mo old and 30lb, definitely outgrowing 2T size pants but it seems like all the toddler pants are more sturdy- and therefore don't stretch or give over his big bum.
Any recommendations on a good, kind-of-loose, easy-fit pant for my boy?
oh, and we usually use a Little Beetle lite with a Loveybum jersey cover.
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We always had good luck with Hanna Andersson pants. I cannot remember anything else, it was too long ago!
Old Navy has some fleece pants that work well from what I've heard. I always used Gymboree on dd, their leggings and adjustable waist pants always fit over the cloth bum.
I would just size up when my little ones were in CDs. When DS graduated to underwear, I packed away the 4Ts and unpacked all the 3Ts that he'd previously "outgrown" and then a few months later unpacked the 4Ts again when he truly outgrew the 3Ts. Needless to say, none of his size 4 pants survived to be passed down to anybody.
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I just bought 3 pair of boys fleece pants at Childrens Place for $4 / pair. Gotta love that winter clearance! However, I am frusterated at trying to find pants other than sweats and fleece that fit my son. With CD, his waist is a 2T but his length is more like 18 month. I'm thinking I may have to buy 2T pants and hem them myself.
Hanna anderson, old navy, and whatever brands they sell at target we also had good luck with.
Old Navy, and the Sprockets line from Mervyns, always fit my chunky guy nicely. (My other kids are all skinny ones, just about anything works/worked for them)
We've had good luck with pants from H&M, although sometimes we have to roll up. Positively Organic makes stretchy yoga-type pants that are big enough to (easily) accommodate even our bulkiest prefold-doubler-knitted soaker combo.
Hanna Andersson, Entertaining Elephants, Blue Canoe, Cotton Caboodles and anything WAHM i.e., Full Moon Baby Gear, Bottombumpers and that's all I can think of.
I've found that Cherokee at Target can run large enough to fit over a CD. WE actually have a couple of pairs that I bight that only stay up with a big Cd and cover. It can be hard because the same brand has some pants cut really slim and some that are roomy.
I make ds's lol.
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