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I have a friend whose eldest is dx ASD and the baby (same age as yours) is starting to concern the mum too. TBH he isn't doing anything on your list of stuff your son IS doing (no clapping or waving, no words at all, only just began to babble, no pointing and cannot follow a point, no "interactive" play with anyone else, when he wants his bottle he stares at the bottle and cries, doesn't seek his carers' attention..i could go on). He has fairly good eye contact, but he has an odd "gaze" - he sort of looks through your eyes rather than into them.

My eldest DD had many of the things on your first list, and has mostly grown out of them. My father is Aspie and there is a lot of Aspergers and ASD in my family, so like you i was on the look out. I have come to the conclusion that she has a few traits, like me, but nothing worth getting a dx for since it's not interfering with her life - i purposefully kept her out of nursery until she was ready to start school, which she does in August, aged 5.5, so she wouldn't be cared for by others while she was still having these problems (she also had a lot of issues with certain sounds).

I think if you're worried you should look into getting an evaluation done.
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