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I have a couple of parenting books for sale. All prices include media mail shipping. I don't have pictures but I can take them if you are interested.<br><br>
-The Natural Child: Parenting from the heart by Jan Hunt. Like new condition $13.00<br><br>
-Jesus on Parenting: 10 Essential Principles That Will Transform your Family by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst. Used condition- has a black line at the bottom pages of the book near the spine. It runs from the back of the book to 1/4 way up to the front. $9.00<br><br>
-Why Christian Kids Rebel: Trading Heartache for Hope by Dr. Tim Kimmel. Used condition- The first 33 pages at the bottom folds up a bit. It looks to have gotten folded over. The spine is also worn a bit. $5.00<br><br>
-The Path of Parenting: 12 Principles to guide your journey by Vimala McClure. Used condition- has a red line that runs fromt he bottom to the top of the botton of the book on the pages near the spine. $10.00
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