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Parenting in my news paper...

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Here is a link to my local paper on spanking...

I thought what Marilyn Heins said is so right on. Of course I can't read the comments at all as everyone thinks she is crazy and all societies woes are do to everyone not beating the crud out of their kids.
I mean seeing as how many people said they smack their kids you would think most of society would be under control... yet it is not. UGH!

What do you all think?

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OMG I had to totally laugh at the King Kong comment - that was just too funny!

thanks for sharing
The thing that stood out for me, something I had never thought about or put together was the size difference. I know that sounds stupid. I know I am twice as big as my 2 year old (at least) but to put it like that. Imagine someone twice as big as you, looking down at you with hands at least twice as big as yours and then hitting you. That is scary. I mean I am 6 feet tall, that would be a 12 foot tall person, who probably weight at least a ton or so, hitting me. Even "contolled" hitting. Sheesh. That is some scary stuff!
Puts hitting a child in a whole new light for me.

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