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Brown Daytime Property Window Building

This is the house that I bought here in Philadelphia.

My adopted son and daughter asked me if they are allowed outside to play with the other kids.

I said they are allowed outside, at the playground.

Not around here and not in this neighborhood.

Because things here in the northeast just do not work like they do where we used to be.

This is a city, and there is a lot for YOU, I can take you anywhere and do anything with you.

The people here are just not one of the things that are here for you.
Do you like chocolate ice cream?
He said yes mom....
I said well, somebody here might hate you because you like chocolate ice cream and if they hate you , they mistreat you.

And when there is 2.5 million people here and we all live in closely connected townhomes like this, problems get very big, very quickly.

And It's not about you, it's about that 2.5 million people live here, and every one of them is opportunity for interpersonal problems, and the fact of the matter is, life is unfair, and people here don't like each other.

And it's already September and the amusement parks are closed or closing for the year.

So Here, we do our own things together.
Let's play Yahtzee and scrabble.

That's what we did today, and cuddled on the sectional and read Bible stories.


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My son asked a smart question like, how big can the problems get when people own townhomes like this, and somebody doesn't like me.

I said that is the worst possible situation, because these homes are owned by their occupants, and there is nobody that can put them out, or write them up, or give them a private fine or issue them a behavioral warning.

You are just stuck with them..
And what they do, is they go around lying about you, saying bad, accusatory things about you, and cause more trouble for you than just them.

And they even give people some of their money, to be your enemy, no doubt.

That's why interaction with neighbors here is not a good idea.
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