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Parents of 2 or more...What kind of diaper bag do you use?

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We currently have a Baby Trend backpack style diaper bag that we use for Sydney. However, it's barely big enough. I want to get something new for when the baby arrives in October. I don't know whether or not Sydney will still be in diapers. She in the process of potty learning, but I'm wondering whether she'll regress when the baby comes. ??? So, it's very possible that it will need to hold CDs for 2 kids.

I really like backpacks styles because then I can have both hands free. But, if there's another style that has a long strap(s) that I can sling over one shoulder and wear it on the opposite side, I could probably do that too. I just need something big! I tend to be a packrat! :LOL Also, I love compartments!

Any suggestions for me, other than "Don't carry so much stuff!"
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i have a mackenzie kids backpack that i like alot. I have an 11mo in cd's, a preschooler who needs 'stuff' and a 2.5yo i babysit who is in sposies/potty learning. So i generally have 2-3cd's, wipes, a pullup or two/sposie wipes. change of clothing for him and her, some stuff for my older dd, 3 sippy cups, changing pad and wetbag etc. plus my wallet, glasses,keys etc. its got a large side pocket for my waterbottle too and the outer pocket unzips to become a small purse for when i just need my money,keys,sunglasses and not the whole bag.

good luck finding a good bag that suits u
Hi Kim,

My little #2 isn't here yet, but I've ordered a backpack from She does custom bags that are gorgeous, well-made, and I've been assured that it will be big enough for 2 in CDs.

If you want to see more discussions on the bags, check out the diaper bag forum on the BBB site. There are lots of threads and pictures of her bags, all with rave reviews.

Not that I have one in mind, but would a messenger bag work for you?

Just thinking of that....
I know that Baby Luv had some messenger bags with a wet bag. Here is the site for that Baby Luv Messenger Bag You will have to click on Diaper Bags to see it. She doesn't have anything in stock, and i don't know if she would do a custom for you....

Just a thought.

I have a honkin' huge Lands' End bag that someone from my church gave me. We now use it for Jenna's suitcase. My suggestion is don't go very big, and learn to scale down what you need to take. I had two in dipes when Jenna was born, but Evan wore 'sposies so I am not in the same boat as you are going to be. But I did learn to minimize my stuff.

Good luck!!!
I also had a baby trend back pack style bag with my first. I have since moved on to a Sally Spicer daiper bag that I got during the coop here. It is perfect for 2 kids. When I have another though, it's going to have to be retired.
I got a McKenzie Kids bag to use with DS and the new babe. For me I don't need a big bag. This site has them: Mine is the heather tote one. I esp. like that the front comes off for those very rare occassions that I go somewhere w/o a kid in tow.
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