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Partials and toddler?

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How important is it for a toddler, that had all four top front teeth removed, to have partials? Is that the best/only option?

He is two now and had the teeth removed when he was about 18 months old...

When should we get the partials if they are the best idea?

What exactly is involved? I don't want to traumatize him anymore than the removal off the teeth and a crown has, kwim?

Any information would be really, REALLY appreciated!!!
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BTDT. Check out my posts in this thread.
For Dd there was no trauma at all with the partial fitting and installation. It was actually a very positive dental experience that filled her with self confidence and pride after some very traumatic dental experiences (caps, fillings, extractions). Now at almost 4, she LOVES her dentist and does great at the appointments.
I highly recommend the partials!
Hi. My are going through the same thing and it's so hard to know what to do. Also, curious. How do the partials look and how do they feel to the child. Is it a worry that they will fall out? Are there eating limitations? All the feedback is wonderful as there is no information out there in media land about this.

We've also BTDT and Malamamama held my hand through the whole process too. Read the thread she linked for you. Wow, ds has only had his for four months but it seems like forever. There are no comfort or eating restriction issues. You brush them like teeth. He loved them when they were first put in, but hasn't mentioned them for months. They feel comfortable to him. There was less than a week learning curve for him to learn to talk perfectly after they were installed. He had a bit of a lisp, very similar to what I had with my retainer after my braces.

His comfort aside (I am glad he is comfortable with his partials), I LOVE them. I had such a hard time for the year he had no front teeth. I missed the way I thought he should look. He looks so cute again. I didn't like how everyone asked him where his teeth were. Now, no one notices, and even when we do tell people, they can't tell which ones.
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thanks for the quick feedback. Another minor detail if you can - what if your kid has naturally spaced teeth- how do they work then? wouldn't it be noticeable.

P.S. this is so difficult. i can think of worse things than dental problems, but it still sucks.
Ds had a space between his front teeth before he knocked them out. His partials do not have a space. They take an imprint of the top teeth and of the bottom teeth so the partials line up perfectly. Taking the imprint was the most difficult part for ds. But they didn't recreate the space.
OH, wait, I think I read it wrong. As in if the other teeth have spaces? My son's partial is held in place by metal bands placed around a molar on either side in back. A thin wire runs along the back of his other teeth to hold a little mini-retainer looking apparatus that has two little manufactured teeth imbedded in it. All you see from the front are the teeth filling in the gap. Even if you could see a bit of wire between the gaps of the other teeth (and I doubt you could), it would be far less noticable than the gap of having missing teeth.

I had a feeling, but I didn't fully give weight to how much of a self-esteem issue missing teeth could be to a small child, until my ds got his new teeth.
I can pretty much ditto JaMama's posts. No issues whatsoever. Dd's wire actually runs along the edge of the roof of her mouth, not directly behind her teeth. I'll see if I can email you a pic of her "new" teeth
Thanks you guys. Your making a terrible experience managable. If only I can get through the extractions in one piece. It is scheduled for July 13th. I'm pretty worried about the sedation. She has already had a general when the original crowns were done. I fear the sedation more because the dentist will have to manage it as opposed to an anethesiologist. Any words of advice? Was there swelling after the extractions? I plan to do arnica etc.

Mama to 1 boy and 1 girl
M Kali. How old is your ds? The extractions are such a quick procedure. How many? My dd had two out with just a local anesthesia. When the teeth are decayed to that extent, they come out VERY easy. Is sedation truly necessary?
No swelling, no nothing. Dd held the gauze to the extraction site. I gave her arnica before and after. She nursed as soon as we got home, which is VERY beneficial. (Not the same as sucking from a straw, which they will say to NOT do) So nurse for sure! She rinsed and spit with salt water for a couple of days. There was no pain. She was running around an hour later like nothing even happened!
What does ds stand for? She is 3 1/2 and stopped nursing 5 months ago. She could nurse though. Do you think she would need the sedative for the setting of the partial mold? She has been very reasonable in the past, but I know the needle stresses her out. The absesses cover two to three teeth. He plans to remove the fourth crown as a precaution which I agree with as I don't want to go through this again any time soon.

P.S. I changed my account so I can get emails in case you tried to email me the pic and it failed.
oops!!! Dd! I was posting last night at 1 am!!!
ds=dear son, dd=dear daughter....
Anyway, there's a thread in the sticky called "sedation/nitrous/oils/.... (something like that) Have you read that one?

Since you are concerned about her anxiety and the sedatives, I would think/ask about nitrous oxide instead of a sedative. Drugs are in your body once they are ingested. But nitrous is different. With nitrous, I know that for some, they give the nitrous and then the needle is barely noticed.

As for the partial mold experience. This is where dd REALLY regained her confidence in the dentist chair. There is no pain at all. She just needs to listen to his instruction. Dd was SO proud of herself for being so brave at this appointment. She was running later and said that she could run so fast cuz she was so brave at the dentist! In fact, she has been exceptional at every appointment since then! Brave, no tears, a little anxiety, but once in the chair, no problem. I do give her rescue remedy before hand...

I would say "no" to a sedative for the fitting! Allow her this experience fully conscious to know that she can have a non-traumatic appointment. Prep her before to her, explain the procedure, you can absolutely say "this will not hurt" and it will be the truth!!!! You could also give her some rescue remedy at this appointment.

I forgot about the pic! I'll try it now!
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Kindred Spirit....are you still out there?????
I just realized that we have totally hi-jacked your thread. I hope this is all helpful to you as well....
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Thanks Malamama. Dd had nitrous for a crown repair and it didn't work that great. So the sedative would be for the extractions not the mold setting. I'm really meditating on skipping the sedation though. Really I don't think it will change much and it will stress me to no end. Anyway thanks for the input and the pic would be lovely.
I dont know what to do I had my daughters' teeth pulled about 4 months ago(she is 4), and my son who is 2 needs the same thing done. It cost $500 a piece for a partial, and I only have money for one, whose should I get???????? They are on Peachcare, but it does not cover partials.
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Hi there!

My brother knocked his two front teeth out when he was 3 or 4. (this is 20 years ago) He had a partial and did not mention any pain from or after the procedure.

If you do not get the partial you have a very high risk of a speech impediment due to the length of time the child would be without front teeth. The speech impediment could possibly be more life altering than having the partial put in.

Good luck with your decision mama!
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