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Anyone else feel like you need a little support group sometimes?

My dh and I have been married 17 years and he's been legally blind since childhood. Maybe because I didn't have to adjust to a vision loss with him it's never seemed like a central part of our relationship, just peripheral, ykwim? Certainly as a family and a couple we operate differently in some ways than others do, and maybe I haven't been honest with myself about just how big an impact those differences have. I really don't know.

Just recently, however, he confessed to me that he feels his vision is getting even worse. He's had to increase the magnification on his ZoomText (computer support for the visually impaired) for one thing, and I think he is really scared. It's often coming out as anger which is unpleasant to say the least. And I'm feeling guilty for not doing enough to help him do chores that are truthfully easier for me to do, and other things.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else can relate. Anyone with BTDT experience? Anyone want to *talk*?
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