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Well, my client load keeps increasing, so i am going to start the search for another midwife. Anyone have practice agreements or other hints when trying to form a working relationship? Or how call and pay is split up? I really need someone who can take call. When I was apprenticing, there were two of us, we alternated weeks and special occasions, it worked out great. I expect to also have 1-2 apprentices.<br><br>
I saw one person took all the gross income for the month, divided it by 3: 1/3 to each midwife, 1/3 to the business itself. That seems pretty fair, should balance out by the end of the year? Provided you both equally split call and prenatals/postpartums.<br><br>
I also am going to sign up for courses through the midwives college of utah this weekend that address practice and policy issues. I figure since I am spending so much time getting my business up and running, I should get credit for it! I will submit my formal application for the graduate degree, I already have alot of the classes/certifications, etc. Anyone else doing this program? I will probably reask this question on another thread in case it gets buried here.<br><br>
Thanks! We are putting in the wood floor in my home office and I will take pictures soon. Now, I am thinking about moving out to rented office space if my business continues to expand, so I'll probably be asking about that soon too!<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">

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Well, I took all the info people gave me and constructed a job opening information letter. Maybe everyone can take a look and give me some feedback? Thanks!<br><br>
Midwifery Position Opening<br><br>
Central Pa Birth and Breastfeeding Services is looking for another midwife in this growing practice in SouthCentral PA. Currently, there is only one midwife, (me) one secretary, and 1 apprentice. I am also searching for one more apprentice to start this summer or fall.<br><br>
Who? My name is Barb Cavanaugh, I am a relatively new midwife, nurse, IBCLC, and mom of 5. CPBBS is a new midwifery/lactation services business. I have grown to an average of 4 births per month. I also rent/sell breast pumps and supplies, teach community college courses, and assist other area midwives. Well woman care, pap smears, lactation/breastfeeding services are also offered. About 50-75% of my population is “plain” including Amish and Mennonite. I also serve a large fundamental Christian population, Orthodox Jewish, Jehovah’s Witness, pagans, homeschoolers, etc. I am looking for someone who is comfortable working with many different cultures and religions.<br><br>
Where? My home office is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. I hope to open an office space within the next few months. It is my goal to share this space with other health care providers including alternative care, childbirth educators, yoga, massage, and others. I serve clients in approximately a one hour radius. Mechanicsburg is located near Harrisburg, the capital, York, Hershey, and Gettysburg. We are about 1.5 hours from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., 2 hours from Philadelphia, 3.5 hours from NYC, and 4 hours from Pittsburgh.<br><br>
What is the open position? Being a mother of 5, I have always wanted to work with another midwife and share call, office hours, and prenatals. I am looking for an experienced midwife who has her CPM or intends to take the exam in the next year. New graduates or those finishing their apprenticeships are also invited to apply.<br><br>
What is the PA law? PA is considered an “alegal” state (although I know many dislike that term, I use it because everyone has an idea what that means). I recommend anyone interested research the laws before making your decision.<br><br>
Relocation to the area is required, unfortunately, no moving cost assistance is available.<br><br>
I anticipate to continue an average of 4-6 clients per month, however, NO GUARANTEE OF PAY IS PROMISED OR GUARANTEED. The world of midwifery is constantly changing, I cannot make any promises or guarantees. A no-compete clause is included in this offer. Basically, this states that if the contract is dissolved, new midwife will NOT stay in area and work as a midwife competitor.<br><br>
A probationary period of 6 months will be offered. Pay will increase as responsibilities increase. Midwife is expected to have her own equipment. Monthly, a portion of the income will be directed back into the business to pay rent, secretary, expenses, supplies and education. New midwife will be paid as an “independent contractor” during the probationary period and is expected to file and pay for her own taxes. At the end of 6 months either CPBBS or new midwife may dissolve contract. If midwife continues, pay structure and taxes will be revisited and a meeting with our business attorney will help direct us.<br><br>
Resumes are being accepted until July. Start date is flexible and potential midwives are encouraged to come visit the area before making a decision.<br><br>
Other requirements:<br>
-Ability to work independently is essential since many of our clients are rural and you may be the only one to make a birth in time!<br>
-CPR and NRP certified<br>
-Actively involved in national midwifery association<br>
-Willing to participate in monthly midwifery workshops/peer review with other area midwives<br>
-Willing to dress “plainly” when working with Amish and Mennonite population (minimal makeup, long skirt, no visible tattoos, simple jewelry, simple hairstyle and haircolor , no potentially offensive bumper stickers, etc.)<br>
-Basic understanding of computer and office applications.<br>
-Willing to work and train apprentices<br>
-Willing to participate in community education, and various conferences and other assorted midwifery activities.<br>
-Willingness to share call, office hours, prenatal and postpartum care. Although I am excited by the rapid growth, I do need to balance my home and work life and hope to work with another midwife who feels the same.<br><br><br>
I look forward to hearing from midwives interested in furthering their skills and working in this growing area. Please submit your resume, website if you have one, a little bit about yourself, your goals, your midwifery philosophy, and other important information.<br><br>
After reviewing the applications, I will set up a phone interview.<br><br>
Send resumes to:<br>
Central PA Birth and Breastfeeding Services<br>
Attn: Barb Cavanaugh<br>
3808 Chippenham Road<br>
Mechanicsburg pA 17050<br><br>
Email to: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>

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thanks for all the pm's I received about this and suggestions. Anyone have more? Or could show me their agreements? I want to get this done by the end of the week!<br><br>
Thanks again
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