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Passed my 1 hr GTT!!!

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I am so ecstatic, I can hardly stand it! I failed this test with my last pg and had to take the 3 hr, which was just miserable, but at least I passed it!

This time around, the MW I had my first appt. with said she wanted me to take the 1 hr GTT twice. I declined and she proceeded to lecture me about the dangers of GD and my risk-factors. I left the appt. in tears. I'm so glad that now I can say IN YOUR FACE I PASSED THE TEST! (not that I actually would... that would be rude and petty). Not only did I pass, but my blood sugar was 95 an hour after drinking the sugar-stuff.

I am so relieved. I have been dreading the GTT since about the day after I got my BFP. I just wanted to do a little cyber-celebrating!
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WHOOT!!! Great news mama!!!

I failed mine last time too, and had to sit thru the 3 hour one, but this time passed the 1 hr with flying colors!! Good for you!!!
That's super! Congrats!!!!
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Such a relief, eh??
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Yes, I am beyond thrilled. I feel like I can just sit back and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. I got a glucometer and have been checking my own blood sugar for months now and every has looked fine. I just didn't want a false (or real) positive on that test!
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