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Passing out-- should I worry?

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I passed out this morning and still feel pretty woozy and queasy. I'm 19 weeks pregnant. How concerned should I be? The baby is moving around a decent amount, but you know... I'd like to be able to count on staying conscious.
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I, too, passed out when I was pregnant (about 7 weeks). I think it was mostly due to low blood sugar and being overheated. I had morning sickness and hadn't eaten anything since the night before. It was scary. I felt sick and unsteady for a day; just rested and avoided driving, etc.

Later, when I brought it up with my midwife, she didn't seem too concerned, especially since it only happened that one time. I started eating more protein and having meals more often. Even though I had to force down the food, I think it helped.

Not sure how helpful that is, but just wanted to reply! I would just take it easy and keep an eye out for any other symptoms or more dizziness, etc.
Hope you feel better soon!
I only feel that way when I haven't eaten. Wish I could be of more help!

I think it's a normal thing. Ask your caregiver, definitely, but i've heard of this happening to lots of people. Your blood and blood sugar are getting routed in ways that can confuse your body and make you faint. It's just your body getting control, i think (unless you are out for a long time). I came really close a few times early on, and actually did faint once, but it's all fine. HTH.
I had that happen with my previous two pregnancies and both times I was borderling anemic, even though only a few weeks earlier when they checked my hemoglobin level and it was fine. I upped my iron intake and that took care of the lightheadedness and passing out episodes. Also, make sure you eat when you get up in the morning. I was a lot more likely to pass out if I hadn't eaten breakfast before getting a start on any activity, even getting the mail.
I passed out once during my first pregnancy - I was around the same point as you (if I recall correctly). It happened while I was taking a shower. I really freaked out and stayed home from work that day. My midwife, however, was not concerned, just reminded my to make sure to eat and drink 1st thing in the AM before I do anything else (I had not eaten before going in the shower).
yup.... i've passed out 3 times so far (this is my 1st pregnancy). Each time, I realized I had either not eaten anything in the past 4 hours (about... 3 or more hours and things start goin weird for me..) or had not drank enough water... combined with doing things around the house, or standing up too fast. One time I was taking a bath with dh and just enjoying the water, relaxing, felt fine, although I hadn't eaten in about 3 hours or drank enough water... when I stood up and started draining the tub & rinsing off I got dizzy and had to sit back down or I knew I'd pass out. Sitting under the shower water felt really good with my head down for a about 5 minutes I was fine. Just took it slow, laid down and asked my dh to bring me water and some cheese n crackers.

I never realized how hard it can be to eat frequently! I too have to eat 1st thing in the morning or I'll start getting dizzy or nauseous. Now I bought a thermos to take with me everywhere.
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Passing out IS pretty common in pregnancy...but always mention it to your doc and if it happens alot Id go to the ER...just to rule out heart issues etc....

Ive passed out many times in this pregnancy but mines heart related...

Originally Posted by Twisti
Passing out IS pretty common in pregnancy...but always mention it to your doc and if it happens alot Id go to the ER...just to rule out heart issues etc....

Ive passed out many times in this pregnancy but mines heart related...
I've never heard of passing out during pregnancy being common.

I did a little search and found this website: Fainting and dizziness in pregnancy

RachelGS...I'd suggest eating something every 2 hours and drinking plenty of fluids to keep your energy going through the day. And definitely call the doc/mw to make them aware of what is happening to you
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I love that I opened up my mdc just now & this thread is the 1st thing I see. I'm 15 weeks now. I too very nearly fainted yesterday, & felt pretty woozy all morning. And I too hadn't eaten very much, & then went & took a hot shower. I think it was a hunger/overheated thing, according to that helpful article lovnbnhome linked. It's been on my mind & I was wondering how common it is.

RachelGS, it looks like you're definitely not alone, NOR freakish!!
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It also seems to happen to me more if I stand up too fast- I think it takes the body longer to adjust to a change in position or temperature.
that happened to me twice when i was pregnant with my son, i think i was toward the end of my first trimester. my doctor had told me it can happen if you've been standing up for a while, something about your blood circulation and how it's different while pregnant. both times it happened to me was, indeed, while i was standing up still for a few minutes. the first time i was waiting in line, the second time i was standing up cutting veggies.

hope that helps. this is why if people fail to offer you their seat on the bus or whatever, demand that they do so!!

I don't think passing out should be viewed as "normal." I think while some women may go through it, it would be a sign to me of something possibly not going right.

Causes for passing out during pregnancy can be:
High blood pressure
Standing up too fast
Not eating enough or dehydration
Low blood sugar
Pre-eclmapsia (DANGER!)

I would for sure contact my health care provider, just to be safe. Hopefully, it's just a silly pregnancy symptom, but it would be good to rule out any underlying issue.

PS - Be careful with high-blood pressure. That can lead to pre-eclampsia, and trust me, it's miserable to have it. I had it, and while I never fainted, I would come very very close. Pre-eclampsia can be dangerous, and it is a condition that can be managed. Not cured, but dealt with.
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Watch your blood sugar. Make sure you are eating every couple hours and are hydrated.

I was put on bedrest and went into premature labor with my first two babies as a result of low blood sugar. It can cause major health problems if not monitored appropriately.

I am glad you are ok
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This thread is exactly what I was looking for today! I am 24 weeks and I fainted yesterday. We were driving by the hospital when it happened so dh took me to the ER.

So they pretty much tested me for everything and told me it was most likely caused by me sitting in one position with the baby in a specific position compressing the vena cava. I had eaten a ton and been drinking all morning so it didn't seem to be food related. The baby and I are both in excellent health so their explanation seemed to make sense.

One of the nurses, not mine, snuck in to see me to reassure me that she sees this all the time and they almost never find anything wrong. She said if I had called my midwives (which I would have done if I had been home and conscious ) they would have told me to have something to eat and drink and lie down for a while.

So I guess it isn't entirely uncommon and in most cases isn't a cause for concern. Just make sure your provider is aware and lie down if you feel faint.
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Just an update: They decided it was due to dehydration and the increased pregnancy blood volume, but I think I'm likely to be anemic, too, so I'm taking floradix and nettles. And things have definitely shifted very suddenly. I have to be VERY careful about eating and really keep food and fluids going in, or I tip over. And if I go too long without food, I wind up with incredibly sharp, painful stomach spasms which last all day. Ick.
I am glad you found out what is going on with your body. Take good care of yourself!
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Since someone mentionned that high blood pressure can lead to fainting, I thought I'd chime in and mention that low blood pressure can also do the same thing.

I passed out as a teenager a few times and had a complete heart work up, in the end the conclusion was that it was the just coincidental drops in blood pressure, which can happen for a number of reasons. Dehydration, getting up to fast, in some folks bowel movements will do it.

I still tend toward the hypotensive, and I've had a bad week improve after a bag of potato chips, so if you are having faintess in between caregiver visits, it's worth it to use one of those blood pressure cuffs at the drug store to see how you are doing, and make sure you are not to low or too high (in addition to talking it over with your MW or Doc).
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