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Hey now!

I had no idea that this forum was available....I was beside myself with pure excitement once I found it. Thank you to whomever brought this community to life. A little history: My daughter Cassidy is 6 yrs old...when I was pregnant with her, I found really only one forum that I somewhat clicked with, key word "click". The majority of folks on the website were your normal mainstream parents who did everything by the book with no control or choice over one's own birthing ideals. So I took what I could take from the community and tried to offer my own opinions which stood out like sore thumbs...made a few good freinds and that was that. When I got pregnant with my son who is now 4 years old, that community had fallen to the pitfalls of unsuccessfulness and was no longer operational. I searched and searched for a new online community but only found the really mainstream ones, and since I was working from home, I just didnt have time to wade through thousands of posts to find one or two that related at all to my lifestyle. I had already belonged to an online community of crafters so I found what support I could find there and that was that. Over the years, I pondered often about how nice it would be if there was an actual functioning community for parents who dont follow the traditional parenting ideals but rather embrace attachment parenting, natural living and just an overall freethinking characteristic. I didnt go searching for a community like that, I had resigned to the fact that if I wanted to see that kind of online presence maybe I would have to start one myself. But one day, shortly after concieiving my third child, which I am 17 weeks pregnant with now, I did a search for holistic pregnancy care...walla! I found MDC forums and my world was completely rocked! Not only was this community active and functioning but its obviously doing well and very much full of thousands of other members who share many/most of the very same ideals I hold dear and true to me. SO I am stoked...I have made a dent on the DD forum, I havent really made any friends that know me yet, but I sure do hope to....for this pregnancy, future pregnancies and just parenting overall. I love the fact its not just about pregnancy, but parenting your older children and your own individual life as well. Thank you again, for making this resource available...I hope it will be around for a long long time!

A little about me. Im 30 years old, living in Kentucky, with 2 kiddos...6 and 4 yrs old. Im pregnant with my third (17 weeks) and while the father of this baby is not the same as my first two, we are one of the closest families you will ever ever see. My partner and I are getting married on NYE even though we have been together quite a while...and he is everything my first two could ever ask for in a father.....he isnt thier father biologically, but he is in every single other way and he has been a part of their life and their child rearing since they were younger. Despite the fact I love my partner more than anything, and I could never find someone who loves me and cherishes me like he does, It has taken me a long time to get past my own issues and agree to tie the knot. Im not sure what happened but reality set in one day and I woke up thinking, "why am i making him wait...why why why when i love him so much and he loves us so selflessly...what am i waiting for". So that was that and we are having a small legal exchange of vows on NYE. We did do a private exchange of vows this summer during a trip to Colorado, but it wasnt legal and it was more spiritual and personal.

Im a pretty crunchy granola kind of mama, i completly embrace natural living and parenting. Most people roll their eyes when I make my trips to recycle or I refuse to follow their norm of "letting the kid learn to deal with it". For medical and other reasons beyond my control, I was unable to BF my daughter for very long, but I pumped for a good 6 months exclusively which is exhausting but worth it. I BF my son for 9 months, had surgery and when I got back he would not latch on anymore and insisted on taking my milk from a bottle. This time will be vastly different because I am surrounded by endless support and I plan to BF my baby for as long as he/she will accept it. I also plan to do CD, a concept I think should have stuck around a lot longer. My belief is, if it worked 500 years ago, why change it? Whats natural is best and thats just the way we live.

We are very nature oriented, doing alot of hiking and camping, outdoors sports and hopefully this summer will get into some kayaking. I do alot of running and rock climbing ( or I did before getting pregnant). We are in LOVE with Colorado and hope to move there in the next year or so. The mountains call to me and when i am there, they soothe my soul. The beach does the same thing but not quite like the mountains do. My children play soccer, go on dayhikes and are very involved with kitemaking and kiteflying. They love the outdoors as much as we do. Prior to 1995, my partner and I were both deadheads. I got the priveledge of seeing the dead with Jerry still around and it made the greatest impact on my life. Between 96-00 I did the phish thang and shortly after 2001, I started to settle down and nest at home. This past summer we got to see the "the dead" in colorado, red rocks for five days which was amazing. We still go to shows and get a great deal of fun and satisfaction out of it but our family is where our heart is and we usually spend our time locally supporting our community. Community is very important to us and we do our best to support the local farmers (until we have our own garden), local stores and basically the economy that keeps our community going.

Thats it in anutshell....with a whole lot of rambling in between. Im honored to be among ya'll and Im really hoping and looking forward to making friends here. I feel like perhaps I have found home!!!
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