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I have too many wool covers since I'm sewing my own.<br><br>
Just got 2 Elbee hand dyed wool covers and am going to sell one because I don't need both.<br><br>
Elbee Wooly Bully (size Medium) hand dyed in orange/yellow with multi color snaps. Brand new never worn or used. SOLD<br><br>
I also need to sell my patchwork pixie cover because I have too much wool LOL. This is a red Medium woodland wool jersey cover. I paid $27 or $29 new. The red color bleeds if the diaper is overly wetted on. I've never had the red dye stain any of ds's diapers. Cover is in very good condition - used for 2-3 months in a large rotation. I am asking $18.00 postage paid. <b>Or Best Offer</b><br><br>
Adding email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br>
*** Shipping outside of the US will be additional
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