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pattern for toddler wool coat?

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I'm looking for some kind of pattern for a toddler wool coat -- I have a wool skirt I made myself pre-baby that is too small and I want to use the fabric to make a dress coat for dd.

I want it to be a swing coat and have a peter pan collar, any one have any pattern ideas?
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The KwikSew pattern 2468 looks similar to what you're looking for. I haven't used that pattern - just saw it in their online catalog.

Here's the description: Toddler's Coats._ View A is an unlined coat that has a hood, patch pockets and a snap or Velcro® closure and decorative flowers from a contrast fabric._ View B is a lined coat that has a shawl collar and self fabric buttons. _ The muff is lined and has polyester batting.
thanks. i did peer through the kwik sew patterns available at the local hancocks -- but must have missed that one. i love kwik sew -- the directions are so easy to follow.
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