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pattern preferences?

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I want to knit dd a pair of longies. I'm an ok knitter, I don't have a lot of practice knitting in the round or anything beyond the basics. I'm torn between the LTK picky pants pattern and the WW wonderpants pattern (I don't think I'm advanced enough to handle perfection pants). Anyone have a preference?
I'd appreciate any input! Thanks!

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I can't compare them for you, but I did want to encourage you that I am a fairly new knitter, and really enjoyed knitting up the WonderPants pattern (I made shorts). Definitely do-able! I just started my second pair.
I don't have the Picky Pants so I really can't comment specifically on those, but I LOVE the Wonderpants pattern. Whichever you choose, make sure to join us over at
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The picky pants are really, really easy. I've already made two pairs and I think I only bought the pattern a month ago.
I have made both and love them both. I prefer the LTK Picky Pants because it has a crotch gusset and so it fits better through there.
I just want to add that the two patterns are written in a different style - the LTK patterns are typically in a chart form, with all the sizes listed across and you simply follow the chart as you go. The WW patterns are more "chatty", kind of like Pam is sitting beside you and talking to you about the next step.

While the Wonderpants don't have a crotch gusset, they do have crotch increases to provide a bit more ease of movement.
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