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Paypal question

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I am not a paypal expert by any means, but I have been buying my diapers this way. I sent someone an echeck, but it is taking the bank FOREVER to clear it. I would like to send her funded payment instead. How do you cancel an echeck? I looked, and couldn't find a button. Thanks.
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Has it been more than 4 business days? I'm not sure what a sender of an echeck can do, but I think you could contact the WAHM and ask her to refund the payment and then you can resend funded. Hopefully there is someone out there more versed in Paypal that can help.
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I don't know, but I was having the same problem until I added on a credit card. Now paypal pays the person right away, but still takes it from my checking account with the credit card being their "just in case" like if I didn't have the $ in my bank account I guess.
How long is FOREVER?
If it's already been that long, maybe it will clear tomorrow.
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Usually it's 3-4 business days but if you try to do an e-check over the weekend it always takes longer (like if it's a Fri. night it could take until the following Thurs.). I hope it clears soon!
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It says the 29th, which seems unusually long. I would rather send her cash, but don't want to if the echeck is going to pay her too. KWIM?
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