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My boy has PDD-NOS, SID, PTSD(Post traumatic stress disorder), speech delays, and serious dyslexia. At first, I wanted to make him normal. I looked for "cures" with diet, and so many therapies. He was in all manner of therapy through EI and public school until age 7. As far as I could tell, none had any inpact. They were far more concerned with his behavior (in the school system, that word means discipline and compliance) than his education, and all focus was on what he could not do. At 7, I took him out of public school and began homeschooling him, losing my connection for therapies. But, lo and behold, he is blossoming! My intuition was right, that all the attention paid to his "problems" just created more stress. He still has the occaisional meltdown due to sensory issues, fairly extreme feeding issues, and his social interactions are difficult at times. At 10, he cannot read, and I have just found a dyslexia specialist who is willing to work with kids on the spectrum. Starting next week!

Anyway, the point of all this is that as soon as I stopped trying to "fix" YoungSon, many of the problems started to dissappear, or at least diminish. Now, rather than seeing him as a bundle of diagnoses and problems, I am free to love him for exactly who he is, accomodate his needs in the ways that best suit all our family, and appreciate his strengths. It is so much more fun this way!!
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