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Originally Posted by Serenity Now View Post
I do have another question, for those with more than one child. How do you keep from spoiling the one who has a diagnosis? Right now I feel like I want to buy him a million toys and take him somewhere quiet and just hug him for hours. I'm guessing this will wear off?

I know what you mean - I do still spoil mine!

Your boy sounds a lot like my youngest who is PDD-NOS. He also is very social *with us*, doesn't have any stereotypical autistic characteristics like stimming, doesn't actually care about routine though - but very little attempts to communicate until he was almost 3. He is still mostly non verbal.

I'm not sure what state you are in or if you already have him in Early Intervention but that should be one of your first steps. I would also suggest the book More than Words - it is pricey but they often have them used on ebay or maybe the EI folks can lend you one. It is a great program for encouraging language in kids with ASD.

Also, we had a lot of success with the sign language videos called Baby See n Sign (available at netflix) and also Baby Babble. He learned a ton of words really quickly and it really got him excited about communicating.

I would work on engagement activities asap - look at Stanley Greenspan's Floortime books.

I know there are specific diets and supplements that are supposed to help with language but I'm not certain which ones. We do a lot of supplements for his brain like EFAs, B complex, Cal-Mag.

Feel free to ask me questions or PM me!
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