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My dd's first diagnosis was PDD-NOS when she was 4. She was speech delayed then but then caught up language wise. Her diagnosis had changed to Aspergers (and epilepsy for her). My son is ASD as well.

I have 4 kids and the spoiling does wear off. However, I will let you in on a secret. Fair isn't everyone getting the same, it is everyone getting what they need. Sometimes it may seem that more money is spent on the ASD ones because they need it but I am also careful to spend time and lovin on my non-ASD kids.

FYI, my kids are now in 5th and 7th grade and while they are still on the spectrum they have come so incredibly far it is amazing. They are the neatest 2 pubesant kids in the universe and make me proud on a daily basis with thier growth.

Sure there are still struggles but it has gotten to be ok now and I appreciate them for the human beings they are. When my son made it through his very first basketball assessment the other day without a meltdown I was so darn proud I nearly burst. He is 10. You just really learn to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate thier accomplishments based on themselves.
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