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Originally Posted by Serenity Now View Post
. My son has some signs of autism, like not holding eye contact, strict adherance to a daily routine and schedule, no attempt to communicate (no words, gestures, or imitations), and so on. However, he doesn't have many of the social charactersitics, like he does point things out to me, he pretend plays, he is generally very affectionate and tries to make people laugh.
Please know that pointing out things to you IS communicating. And he is communicating by being affectionate and making people laugh. Even though the absence of words can be disheartening, it sounds like your ds IS trying to communicating by other means. Have you tried teaching him sign language or baby signs? We did this with my ds -- an it helped out a lot and bridged the gap when ds didn't use many words.

We don't have a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, but ds is speech delayed and has sensory issues.
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