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What days and time frames work best for the PDX NINO meetings?

PDX NINO meeting times?

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Hello all! I am trying to get a feel for when the best time and day is for our group to meet. There have been a few voice their concerns about daytime, weekday meetings, so I wanted to poll everyone and find out when do you think would be best for your family?

Any of the choices work great for me!
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Weekdays before noon are just not possible for us because I get off work at 10am. Any other time of day is awesome.
I sadly won't be able to make the one this Tuesday because it's too early amd I don't have enough time to get there from Beaverton.
We'll be able to make this meeting on Tuesday, but once school starts up in September we won't be able to.
: I've already posted at the yahoo group. But I wanted to check in here too.
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I voted anytime on the weekends, but honestly I'm not a morning person and would find it a little difficult to get anywhere at 9am.
But at least then Gary would have the option to come!

I also think alternating the days/times (or if the group's large enough, have 2 a month, one during the week and one on weekends) would be a good idea - I'd like to include as many people as possible, both those who work during the week and those who don't have free time on the weekends.
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I'd like to come on tues. does anyone know if the number 12 bus stops near there? Or rather, how close is sandy (street) to urban grind
Urban Grind is about 2-4 blocks from Sandy Pauline. We'd love to see you there!
I didn't vote because I am only available TH & F. I care don't about times on those days. I work Sat-Wed. so weekends are totally out unless its evenings.
I second the notion that times alternate between weekday mornings and a non-9-5 times!

I think I will probably ditch/postpone some of my resonsibilities and show up this Tues, though I'll probably have to leave early...
We work wonky days and hours. I know weekends are better than weekdays, but we aren't necessarily out if it falls on a weekday, just this week we aren't able to come
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What is NINO?
(Probably, if I need to ask, I don't belong, huh?)
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NINO == Nine In Nine Out, a nonprofit organization that promotes babywearing (the phrase came from the fourth trimester philosophy of nine months of being carried in the womb and nine months being carried on the body outside of the womb to adjust to life on this side)

mid morning or evening work fine forme.. although a weekend means hubby could come...
I shoulda voted weekday evenings, too. Evenings are good, although it depends a little exactly when and where.
Hopefully I will get the chance to compile the polling here and on Yahoo to get an accurate picture of what everyone's needs are. I am not sure if I can do two groups a month until after I have recovered from my surgery, but if our group is large enough that is certainly an option!
I will bring the poll results to the meeting today.
I want to come but I'm in Salem so I can't really leave the house before 9 or I'm stuck in traffic and have to leave by 2:30-3.
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