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Peak With Books

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Can anyone who has used Peak With Books tell me what books are used?

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I no longer have a copy, BUT I just looked at and if you click on the book cover to "search inside the book" you can find the table of contents. I think the book titles are listed there.

Did you like Peak with Books?

Well, I liked it better than Five in a Row, which isn't exactly setting the bar high, since I'm not a fan of FIAR. I also liked it better than Peggy Kaye's book tying lit. with activities (I forget the name of the book...Peggy Kaye wrote Games for Math, Games for Writing, etc.).

I decided to opt for slothdom, though, and simply read my kids the books without doing many activities. I guess I'm just not a literature-plus-activities sort of person.
Why didn't you like FIAR, and what did you like better about PWB?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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