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Peanut babies(longish)

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OK, so my kids go to stay with my dad last night. I'm fine, just missing them. Its my other baby I'm worried over now. Poor Peanut, my Boston terrier, had her pups this morning. I woke up at 3am to her squealing. I hopped my big preggo butt up and so did DH. We got to her as she was nipping the dad for sticking his nose to the crate. That was the comotion. She had 3 live pups and 1 dead one. Poor girl was all nerves. We let her outside to potty and got the other dogs from the room. At 4:30am she was sleeping and nursing. I of course could not sleep, new grandpups and all. Plus I wasn't sleeping well last night to begin with, its the norm. I checked on Peanut at 5:30 and all was well, but she was crying again at 6:30. I looked in on her as she was delivering afterbirth, such a good mom, she was already nursing her new babe. Well I figured she was done. We had gooten the dead baby away from her and cleaned the crate. Put a new pad in for her to lay on. She was nursing and we again let her out to potty at 10 am. We ran errands for a while this afternoon and came home to let all our dogs out and Peanut was skinny and hungry. Gave her some ham. She went out and then we cleaned her up again, puppies are messy. We left for our last night out together with out kids for a while. It was nice but I missed my kids and wanted to sleep. We came home at 8pm and DH checked in on our baby girl and her brood. We had the count at 4 live pups and he was checking for blood and stuff from the cords. Peanut had the crate a mess, blood and gunk all over. He asked if she should still be delivering afterbirth, I said no. Then he looked again and asked how many pups we had, I told him 4. He held up 5 fingers, she had another pup when we got home. I hope she wasn't holding out til we got home. We let her out and shes settled for the night now, hope no more pups come. Poor thing is tired!She had 2 black and whites 2 all whites and a brown and white. I am a grandmother, lol, at 24!

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Goodness, that is a long time between pups.

Congratulations Peanut!
Sending happy puppymoon thoughts her way!!

Congrats Gramma!!
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Peanut is doing fine, but I am mad at her. Lucky thing had her babies, now I want mine! I have to wait 4 more days for mine. Until then I get to enjoy my beautiful new furbabies. I just want to stare at them all day. I really like the all white one, such a sweetie! Peanut seems to feel the same, she nurses, goes potty and stares all day! I guess I'll be doing the same soon. LOL. But hey, I hope I do so well as her.
Poor puppy girl! She had a puppy die this morning. She is so upset and wouldn't let me take it out of the crate. Now we only have 4 babies left. It has put me in a bad, depressed mood and I feel horrible for my baby girl. We've had her since we got married and shes my mood mirror.
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