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Peanut (nut) butters

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We've always used Jif but I want to start using "better" peanut butter. I've bought TJ's brand. But being used to the "sweeter" pb, I'm having a hard time adjusting.
Is there a better (than Jif) brand out there that might be a little sweeter? Would using a different type of nut (cashew, almond, etc) make a difference?
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At Whole Foods, you can grind your own, and I think they have honey-roasted peanuts in addition to regular. Maybe that would help you transition?
You can try sweetening it with a little honey.

My DH was a big commercial PB lover, and all I did was just remove the bad stuff from the house and not give him a choice (I was raised on the good stuff). His taste buds adjusted after a little while - at first he hated the natural stuff, so I'd be sure he had plenty of sweet stuff (honey, jam, etc.) with it to offset the lack of sweetness. Now he loves that I make my own, and eats it in his lunch every day (today it was PB dipped apples).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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