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I'd forgotten all about this company until I was going through my account records the other day and came across my password for my old Peapod account from when Qualia was born. I just placed my first order in a year and am kicking myself for having been hauling heavy groceries and a toddler around for the past couple months when I didn't have to!

Anyway, just wanted to share the info with you all in case this is something that would help you out.

Peapod is a delivery service offered by Stop & Shop. You pay a sliding scale delivery fee (the more you order, the lower the fee) and in exchange you can order your groceries online and have them carried right into your kitchen for you. I found this really useful when Qualia was just born and we lived in a second floor apartment, and I'm pretty darn happy to have found it again now that I'm heading toward the end stretch of pregnancy and have a squirmy toddler who's not overly fond of the long grocery trips.

There are some ways to maximize your savings so it works out in your favor. I always shop the specials first, then order the heaviest things on my grocery list so I'm not the one carrying them. They take manufacturer's coupons (just give them to the delivery person) and give you a credit on your next order. You can get a dollar or two knocked off the delivery fee by signing up for their slower delivery times. And if you pay by DirectCheck instead of credit card, you can get more knocked off the delivery fee.

The one pitfall I found important to avoid is substitutions. If you're picky about what you order, check the box that says you don't want substitutions if they're out of something. Otherwise, you might get conventional produce instead of organic, aspartame-laden juice instead of regular, etc.

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Actually Peapod is offered through different grocery stores in different regions of the country (for example, in the Washington, D.C. area, where we're from, it was Giant Food, I assume Stop and Shop is similar). It is a great service - I tried it for a while too after dd1 was born & we also were living in a walk-up apartment!

I liked that you could specify in detail what you wanted (like not-too-ripe bananas or whatever). And I liked that they included lots of neat free samples! I think I still prefer picking out my own stuff though. I'm lucky though, my girls love grocery shopping, it's a fun outing to them - hey, they don't have to pay the bill so why not
And I can't help it, I'm an impulse buyer - I like to see what's new in all the aisles! Guess that would be why I'm overbudget for groceries every month!
Peapod was great for avoiding that, though - since you can see your running total you can budget better - cuts down on the "ooh I'll try this even though I don't really need it....lost track of what I'm spending anyway" stuff.
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I miss having groceries delivered...there used to be a delivery service here in Texas, but they shut down for some reason. Peapod doesn't deliver to my area...I'm bummed! It sure would make life a little easier!

Now if only Whole Foods delivered...
They dont deliver around here and thankfully i dont have much of a prob shopping alone with my toddler and lately i've just gone shopping when dh was home to go with us.
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