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Peapods vs online

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Now that I'm nearing 5 months pregnant, it occurred to me that I should start looking into diaper-purchasing. I'm planning to c.d. all the way, but the diaper forums here have been really overwhelming. I bought one newborn Kissaluvs fitted pre-pg and I think it's the cutest, coolest thing ever, so I lean towards getting bunches of them unless someone tells me that's ridiculous and impractical.

Anyway, I imagine that I need some combination of prefolds, covers, and Kissaluvs for the teeny stage, and all of those are available at Peapods. (I'm just going to deal with newborn stuff for the moment--thinking beyond that and my head will explode).

Here's the thing. My mom has purchased an insane amount of things for this child already and I don't have much I'd register for at traditional registries. I'd love to register at Peapods if there is enough stuff I need there to make it worthwhile. I already know of 3 showers people have said they're throwing for me and I'm scared silly that they'll buy me "helpful things" that I don't want. A registry may convince some of them to get the stuff I actually need. I do plan to give shower throwers a list of stuff on the web that I need/want, but for the grandmas that's going to be too intimidating.

Can I get better covers and prefolds online than at Peapods? When shipping is added in, are covers, prefolds, or Kissaluvs cheaper online or at Peapods? I'm not sure if the Peapods selection is wide enough to make registering there worthwhile.

I don't think I'd buy a whole bunch of $8 Kissaluvs if I was forking over the money (and that's assuming I don't go for the ultra-cute colored ones), but I've got relatives itching to be told what to get us, and I'm very tempted to tell them to get me the way cute diapers!

Thanks in advance for any advice for this first time overwhelmed mom!
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peapods is a great place foor prefolds & covers. we used prowraps when G was new, then bummis when she grew. both are great covers, bu i like the bummis best. he prefolds there are as good as you'll get anywhere, and they're not going to need shipping.

i'm not a big fan of kissaluvs - G grew out of the size 1 really fast, and they're not the most absorbant. if you go to the kissaluvs website (google it), they have an outlet for seconds - you can get 'em cheaper there.

i love WAHM diapers, I have to say. that's what the diapering board here seems to be all about. I can get some links for you later if you want.
There will be a few cool people who are just wanting to buy you what is on your list - things you really want and need. And others who just love shopping for baby stuff and would love to pick something out with you and your baby in mind. I think it's important to be open & grateful to both. In my opinion, the goal isn't to get folks to completely outfit you for your child's babyhood, but to share the joy and excitement of the impending birth. Some gifts may seem unsuitable for your needs but since you love the givers so much, it won't really matter - you may find a frilly bib worth using since it reminds you of a dear co-worker who obviously picked it out, etc. you know? And others will buy something polyester w/ a Disney logo at Walmart and you just return it the next week, no biggie. So yes, register - both at Peapods and online, for the cutest dipe styles. Some guests won't be able to navigate the online option, others will be grateful for the ease of it. Others will want the in-person visceral choosing. And others will ignore the whole thing and go pick out a frilly bib or a Walmart poly sleeper w/ no snaps and a screened print of Tigger. But what's important is the incredible gift of their presence with you and their good wishes for your new baby. {{{hugs}}}
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Thanks jess and snow

I don't expect friends/family to supply my every need, and if someone wants to give a frilly bib, I'm not going to stop them. But I figure some of these folks are so used to the 7 page BRU registries that they expect to be shown a list like that so they can decide whether to use it or get their own thing. If I have a diapering list to show people who ask what we really need, it seems preferable to telling them to get whatever they want.

That said, I checked out, and they seem to have a pretty extensive selection, plus free shipping if enough is purchased, AND a registry option. Has anyone registered there before? Any other online registries I should check out?
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I ahve been using it for a while and love it. We are diaper free. If you start from birth it is really easy. there are Great books out there like Going diaperless etc.. email me at [email protected] if you want a ton of links on it. My baby pees in a Baby Bjorn little potty or right in the real potty when I hold him. If you are into Ap this is really easy to do. We have had no poopy diapers to wash it is really nice.
ooh ohh. diapers! i love this topic! hee hee.

DIPES: we bought our prefolds on earthbaby, only because peapods wasn't carrying the unbleached at the time. they DO now, so i would recommend getting those there if you opt to do prefolds. we are using some borrowed size 0 kissaluvs with dd2 and we really like them. LOVE the sherbet colors. so cool. and they DO do a great job of containment. that said, it would be hard for us to justify spending so much for fitted dipes (at full price, almost 10x as much to have a child in kissaluvs through toilet training, not including wraps - 4 sizes x 24 dipes (in each size) x $8 each = $768)...when prefolds have worked so well on both girls and are so much cheaper (2 sizes x 2 bundles (12 in each) x $20 per bundle = $96). a good compromise might be to get a few kissaluvs for outings and at night and prefolds for when you're at home. we used the borrowed kissaluvs only when fi still had her cord stump, and then switched to using them only at night and outings (to cut down on washing dipes as often) and are using prefolds during the day. of course, the least expensive route is to have saintly friends who will loan you stuff! we borrowed 2 dozen kissaluvs from one mama, and some wraps, and some more nb wraps and 3 dozen unbleached infant prefolds from another. we still have dd1's premium prefolds (which are still in awesome shape after 18 months of use on dd1) for later on.

WRAPS: about a year ago, when one of my friends asked what my favorite wrap was, i think i said anything wool...and apart from that, bummis. that is still true, but t i have to say - MY FAVORITE WRAP IS A NEW WRAP. we have owned and/or borrowed pretty much every wrap known to man (and woman). bumpy, bummi, bappy, biobottom, nikki, prowrap, snappi-wrap, cot'n-wrap, lite-wrap, etc. some last better than others (bummi and prowrap in particular), but again...any new one is going to be my favorite. SO, my hint on wraps - buy a few ahead of time (maybe 4 size nb, 4 size s, 2 size m) and then buy them new as you need them (in that case, peapods is a great choice). spot wash as much as you can and only wash them when they really need it (stinky or really poopy), and then air dry the, instead of putting them in the dryer. you'll get many more miles out of the wraps you do buy.

i have more thoughts on dipes on
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ps. earthbaby has a registry, but when we registered there no one got us anything. folks DID get stuff off our peapods registry though!
With both babes, I registered at Peapods and Baby Grand. My family (okay, mostly my in-laws) already figured I was a bit odd -- ie no Babies R Us...Some actually shopped at the above and others bought what they wanted -- all iwth love in mind. I love them all, even the 8 million frilly, silly picture frames (pink, why so much pink???? -- other than hair, I really don't like pink!)

We use a combination of Kissaluvs (with traditional plastic pants) and prefolds with prowraps. I like them both. I bought most of the Kissaluvs on Ebay, although wonderful folks gave them as gifts and loaned them, too. You are welcome to borrow my size 0 Kissaluvs -- they only fit for one to two months, but are wonderful. They seem quite absorbant to me.

My prefolds are not unbleached, but now have mostly been lovingly dyed pink, purple, and green!!! -- and not by a babe!

As for wraps, I have to say that I don't like wool. They breath, but they also seep, so if a wet babe is on my lap, his clothes and mine are quickly wet if I don't change him asap. But I do love prowraps and basic, old gerber pull up plastic pants.

Best of luck for you!

Also, if you do register at Target or BRU for a couple of items etc, except that you will get EVERYTHING on that list...
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I'm with mamar. The kissaluvs are BEAUTIFUL and EXPENSIVE. If you can get someone to buy them for you do it. they are amazing at containment and everything. But the prefolds really do the same thing and you can spend some money on some pretty new covers.

JESSIKATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when/where can you show me how to safely dye diapers???
Thanks you guys

I ended up registering for 12 Kissaluvs and 2 dozen prefolds. I would have no problem buying an extra dozen prefolds if need be, and we'll see whether people bother going to Peapods or not. I didn't know they had BSIWW prints there--that was a nice discovery. I figure covers will be the biggest testing ground, so I ordered 1 each of a couple and figure I'll find others elsewhere. For almost everything (clothes, toys, etc), I'm planning the borrow/used approach, but if I know I'll like a diaper, I'm tempted to buy new now because I expect to have at least 2 or 3 kids go through them. Although, maybe in 5 years, some ultra nifty new newborn diaper will be out there.

What does Baby Grand sell? I've driven by there but never gone in.

The only thing I think I might need from BRU is a pack n play.
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Amy - good for you! You really won't need many size 0's, but the size 1's seem to be lasting well. I also like their contour diapers -- they don't hold a lot, so at four months of age, John will soak one fast, but they are great as a double in one of the regular ones.

For buying them, Ebay can have some great deals, but you have to figure in postage, but as mamar said, the Kissaluv's site does have a "2nds area" as well.
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