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ped GI in St. Louis

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My 14 month old has unresolved reflux that seems to be getting worse. I have tried every alternative treatment I have heard of and although some things seem to help a bit nothing works 100%. Last week I put her on medication for the first time. We are now on her second medication and increasing the dose. Her Dr. seems unfamiliar with treating reflux medically and is unavailable for a referral till next week.

I know it is likely to take a while to get in to see anyone but I don't want to waste my time with someone completely close minded or who is threatened by an educated patient/mother. (I tend to educate myself extensively about health concerns before the Dr's visit and we choose alternative treatments whenever possible and haven't vaxed our children.) I want a Dr who can dialogue with me about my dd's condition and help us find some solutions for her.

Is there anyone local like that?


PS- For reflux we have tried chiropractic adjustment, digestive enzymes for both of us, probiotics for both of us, homeopathics, removing suspected/confirmed allergens from my diet and hers, and now axid and zantac.
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