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Ped retracted foreskin

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I watch a 4 mth old boy and his mom brought him after his ped's appt. and she was fuming. This is a new ped for her so she's never seen him before and he retracted the foreskin, needless to say she was quite upset. I myself don't know much about it, but since I am watching him, does this cause any problems? anything I should look out for?
Yes, she said she's never returning to him again. He also told her that well you'll probably end up getting him circ somewhere down the line anyways
of course she won't she has a 16 yr old intact son.
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Read Frank's sticky above this post "A Warning for Parents of Intact Sons". Print it out and give to the mom, it has really good info in it!

Also, I see you are in Mass...I go to a very foreskin friendly family practitioner in Foxboro, let me know if you would like her info to pass on....
thxs so much! going to read it now.
I'd love to have that ped's name, I'm in Mansfield!!!
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PM-ing you shortly!
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