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Pediatric Urologist in DFW?

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Does anyone know of a foreskin-friendly pediatric urologist in DFW? Our pediatrician is wonderful, but we will need a specialist for years to come due to a neural tube defect. If we could go with only our ped, we would. Our current one partially retracted, although he didn't unduly pressure us to circumcise. For Plano, I should be happy, but I'm not willing to settle for inferior if I don't have to.
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Hey there,

I would post over in the Case against Circumcision forum. Someone there will more than likely know of a good urologist or they will be able to give you the contact info for an organization such as Doctors Against Circumcision. That organization should be able to help you find a good foreskin friendly urologist.


I have one in Houston. You can PM me if Houston is an option.
Dr. David Ewalt: great doctor, performed surgery on my DS kidney when he was 7 months old. Located in Dallas.

Dr. Stephen Lieman: We see him since our insurance changed. He is awesome, great bedside manner. He is in Plano.

Please pm me if you want to talk!
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