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So, Dh, DS and I live in South Burlington, and we have had it with our pediatrician. DS has had 2 UTI's due to bladder reflux, and every visit turns into either attempts to retract his foreskin (despite our requests for this not to be done) to show us how to "clean", and into "circumcision scare" visits. We also have had to sign some paperwork saying that we are endangering him for not vaxing. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="irked">: We also keep getting sent home with fliers about starting solids, although he is growing well and only 5 mos old(exclusively breastfed).<br><br>
Our current ped is ok, but b/c DS has had UTIs we always seem to get a different Doc at the practice for sick visits, etc, and we dislike all of them for the reasons I mentioned above. Even the recptionists are rude, taking over a month to refer him to DHMC pediatric urologist, even though we called multiple times to remind them and also let our Doc know that we don't care for the nephrologist at FAHC (who is more gung ho about circumcision than anyone I have seen in my life!!!)<br><br>
That said, I know there are a ton of Docs in the area, and that makes it harder to find a good one.<br><br>
Any suggestions?
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