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Pediatrician Needed In SE CT

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a DR in the Mystic area. I just moved to the area and I am about to have a baby. Thanks
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I have lived in SE CT all my life. The peds I currently go to for my son are the same group I went to as a child. The Gales Ferry Pediatric Group has several peds in the practice, and it is a pretty diverse group. They have been relatively understanding in regards to not immunizing and extended bfing. They did, as a practice, recommend vaccinations and did discourage us from co-sleeping, but were not disrespectful about it or condescending. We personally use Dr. Lovin, although when ds gets older will probably switch to a male ped. Dr. Forstein is also very good.

Hope this helped!
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Gales Ferry is supposed to be the best in the area. We use Westone right now, and although we're not particularly happy we know people who love them.
We use Dr. Anne Garvey in Westerly. She is so sweet and takes a lot of time with us. She is pro-bf and co-sleeping, but I can tell she doesn't agree with delayed or selective vax, although she hasn't given us a hard time about it.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and impending arrival!

ETA: I'd like to retract our suggestion for a pediatrician~ we will be switching soon since Dr. G is giving us a hard time about the whole vax issue
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