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Pediatrician or Family Doctor Recommendations - NW of Boston

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Hi there ~

I was wondering if any of you had a Ped or Family Doctor that you'd recommend. I live in Woburn but would be willing to travel to the surrounding towns - Burlington, Lexington, Winchester, Reading, Stoneham, etc.

The practice we go to now is awful.
I liked them before DD was born, they seemed to fit how I thought I'd parent...but DD has made me a VERY different parent.
We've tried out all three Dr's and I'm not impressed with any of them - they're not very friendly or open minded and they DON'T LISTEN. DD is currently seeing Peds but the thought of switching to a Family Doctor has crossed my mind.


~ Mary Beth
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ugh, i made a mistake and opened a new thread above before posting this . Im new here

This is a bit outside the areas you mentioned but just thought i'd mention anyay.....we see Dr. Cooper at Acton Medical in Acton. We saw 2 pediatricians before finding him who were really terrible. We started taking our son to Dr. Cooper about 1.5yrs ago after getting his name from our local LLL group and an AP group I go to. He is very AP friendly.
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thanks so much for your reply! unfortunately acton is a bit of a drive. i wouldn't mind it, but i think sarah might.

so happy to hear that you found someone that you really like!

i need to keep searching.
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Have you tried Woburn Pediatric Associates? My dd's go to Dr. Patricia Connolly and my ds goes to Dr. D'Entreamont. I love it there. I wouldn't recommend Winchester Pediatrics.
On the off chance that you'd come to the edge of Somerville, we go to Davis Square Family practice to Dr. Berkowitz-Shelton. He is amazing, very AP friendly, does homeopathy as well (sort of secondary), is a family doc, not just a ped. I can't say enough good things about him...basically he is responsive to how we want to parent our son as opposed to pushing or judging us.

Interesting - Woburn Pediatrics. Well, this thread is about a year old, but maybe it's relevant to someone (other than just me). We use Woburn Pediatrics (Dr. Neiderman), but I haven't been overly thrilled - not bad, just not happy either. We'll see how the 6-month appointment goes.
i had forgotten about this thread...

since it's been bumped up i thought i update.

back in june i decided to go with dr. landis at arlington pediatric associates. she is WONDERFUL. we've only seen her a few times (interview, one sick visit, and one wcc) and i am totally confident in our decision to switch to her. makes me realize even more how horrible a fit our first practice was.

i'm looking forward to getting to know her better as we'll be seeing much more of her in the coming months (dc #2 is due next month).
Just saw this thread, is Middleton too far? I go to a great family doctor in Middleton. My sister takes her kids there as well (I still use a ped. but am thinking about switching) and she says her Dr. (Dr. Mark Allara) is great with the whole family. If you'd be willing to travel to Middleton, I'll give you the info. I don't have the number, etc.,. now.

Good luck!
second for dr berkowitzs at davis suqare family practice. i am still nursing my unvaciinated, co-sleeping 2 year old and he is great about it

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