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Pediatrician recommendation-Anchorage

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Hi gals!

I'm newish, been a member here for a long time but haven't posted much (usually on diaperswappers and tbw these days!)

Anyway, I'm looking for pediatrician recommendations. Preferably South-sideish, to midtown. Right now, we're with Anchorage Pediatric Group at Regional. It's too far to travel, and this particular ped's outright negativity (and snide comments-ugh) toward cosleeping and cloth diapering are really starting to grate on my nerves.

Usually I just let things roll off my back, in-one-ear-out-the-other, (been with this doc since my first son was born over three years ago) but since it's clear across town anyway... why not try to find a doc who's more our "speed"?

So, any thoughts or names you might have for me would be much appreciated!

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We really like Dr. Erickson and Aventee, she's a NT.

Dr. Tapple at LaTouch Peds is great too!!!
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It depends what you are looking for in a pedi. We really respect Dr. Adam Grove. We've been with him prior to the birth of DS...

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