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Pediatrician Recommendations around Auburn/Federal Way/Puyallup?

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I live in Auburn, WA and I am searching for a pediatrician in the area who will be okay with AP style, co-sleeping, delayed vaccinations ect. Can anyone give me some recommendations? I have already heard people say Dr. Dudas up at Redmond Pediatrics, but that isn't as close as I was hoping. Thank you for any help!
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I take my kids to a pediatrician in Auburn. He isn’t really that keen on delaying vaccinations, co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, etc. It’s like every time we go in we get questioned on it- then we stand firm- and he backs down a bit. His position is here is why X might not be a good idea, or here are what the concerns are with it. I thought it took a lot of nerve when he told me night nursing would rot DS’s teeth out, when there was a mom with a 9 month old in a carseat in the lobby who was drinking apple juice out of a propped bottle. We first went to him when DD was a babe and he wasn’t like that at all, but in the four years between kids he really changed a lot. He was a new doctor when we went to him initially. We plan to switch, but we haven't found anyone yet. If you are considering any docs in Auburn, PM me and I will give you his name so you don’t waste your time.
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