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Pediatrician recommendations in Hunterdon County NJ area that are ok with delaying vaccines

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Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for pediatricians in the Hunterdon County NJ area that are ok with delaying vaccines?

Thank you in advance!
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I'm moving to Hunterdon County but will travel 30-40mins to see Dr. Kerrigan in Chatham NJ. Dr Kerrigan at Touchpoint Pediatrics doesn't pressure us with vaccines. She is very friendly towards an alternate schedule. That said- our daughter DIDN'T go to daycare or have contact with other kids for her first year, she was watched like a hawk by my husband (stay at home dad). After the first year (when she started coming into contact with other kids, playdates..etc) we started our vaccination schedule but modified so she doesn't get anything unnecessary or more than 1 vaccine in a visit. We really like Dr. Kerrigan and touchpoint pediatrics. Wonderful place.
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