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I'm looking for a pediatrician or some sort of Dr. for my dd, since we just moved to Astoria (oregon). Obviously, I would want someone who is either very open to "alternatives" (ex. not vaxing, not circ'ing, etc.). Maybe I should go with a holistic dr? I'm not really sure which direction to head, and was wondering if any of you have some advise? I'm probably an hour or so from Portland, so getting a dr there would be fine. Thanks!
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We love Dr. Basco at Broadway Med. Clinic in NE PDX right off of I-84. She always offers vaxes, but doesn't push them. Also, she doesn't believe circ is necessary.
Thanks, I'll check her out. I think I'm going to interview a few and see who fits with my lifestyle best. That would be a good one though because it sounds like its easy to get too and right off the hwy.
It's also by the Laurelwood Brewpub, the most incredibly kid-friendly place in PDX to get great food and good beer.
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I'm bookmarking this page so I can come back to it and write it down when dh and I head to Portland, lol Thanks!
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I take my daughter to my naturopath in seaside. She isn't a pediatrician but did her internship in family medicine. Her name is DR. Kat and her phone number is: 738-5859. We think she is great!
We love Max Tenscher at Health Max in NW Portland. He is fine with no vax, and no circ, and in general is open minded. We never feel rushed when we are there and feel like he really cares. He is actually a family nurse prectioner, not a pediatrician though, not sure if that matters to you. PM me if you want contant info. Good luck in your search!
We go to Max, too! I love love love him. It's true he would prefer that we did a few vaxes, but he's never never pressured me or given me a bad time, even when dd got a VPD, HiB, which was absolutely no big deal, just pink eye and yucky sniffles. We were just in last week and he spent 45 minutes with us on just a routine check up. My concerns with him at first, since he wasn't a pediatrician, were would he know what little things to look for? And he does. He's very thorough. I'm really excited to take our new baby to him in a few weeks!

It's pretty easy to get to him as his office is close to I-5/405. There is also a homeopathic doctor in this clinic that I really like, too (can't remember his name, but he's the only one).
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