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My name is Myriam. I'm very new to this website, my Midwife suggested I go on it because I am looking for a Pediatrician in my area that other Mothers recommend. I do not have a baby YET, but on Nov. 9th is my due date, so I'm looking for one now, so that if for some reason the baby needs to go to a hospital after birth, I can have my Pediatrician come to the hospital and have a better chance at the doctors not doing any unnecessary things to my baby. You know? Pediatricians have a better say than Parents. Anyway, I want a Pediatrician that will listen to me and respect my decisions on vaccinations, etc. If anybody knows of a Pediatrician around Middle Tennessee that you would recommend, PLEASE let me know! I live near Murfreesboro which is a big city in Tennessee, so if anyone knows of any good Pediatricians around that area, let me know!

Thank you very much!
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