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Pedi's office.....advocacy help needed

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I took my daughter in for her 2 month check-up today and was bombarded by enfamil
At the check in desk there was a little "toy" where the liquid oozes through little holes when you turn it upside down. I told the receptionist that advertiseing for formula undermines bfing and they might consider not displaying these item. She said that the kids liked to play with it.

So I go sit down to wait to be called back and there sitting next to me were two pads of coupons and "literature" from enfamil. I took them to the desk and explained that this kind of thing is exactly what I was talking about earlier. That when a woman is struggling to breastfeed this is the kind of crap that may well push her over the edge. I didn't get into how "normal" they are making formula feeding appear etc... and just asked who I could write a friendly letter to.

She gave me an administrator address to write to. I am wondering if I might get in touch with my local LLL leader and ask for some free literature to send to the pedi's clinic with an informative letter about breastfeeding and how their office could help promote it and support women in their efforts. I was thinking of suggesting to them that they keep the enfamil coupons and offer them to women who are already formula feeding.

Does anyone already have a skeleton letter that would be good for my situation? Or any ideas of what to include? This will be my first letter of this kind and I want it to be effective.

Thanks for your help.
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Paging Janice in Canada!!!! Oh Janice! this is right up your alley I think.

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No letter, but I think it's a good idea! At least they should compromise and also put out pro-BF material.

Good job advocating, mama!
Janice is feeling tired tonight...

go see this thread - lots of resources there, thanks to hugthem.;f=7;t=000365

And I'll email you my newsletter, it has instructions on how to write a letter of compliant. You'll have to email me, cause you haven't listed your email address, and its too long to PM. [email protected]


I'm sorry, that stinks!

Do you know that my pedi's office has:

1. NEVER offered me formula, not even a sample or a coupon!
2, NEVER had advertisements on the wall for formula.
3. ALWAYS told me about the breastfeeding support group when I mentioned I bf.
4. ALWAYS boldly advertised the bf support group in both the bathrooms and the hallways!

I am so in
with my pedi!

That makes me ILL on your behalf!

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