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Pee! Pee!

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My 14 month old has been telling me for quite some time when she pees. She will go, then say "pee" and get changed. I mean immediately, less than 30 seconds after going. She also hold the front of her diaper when she goes. MIL and I both can tell when she is going. She used to go on the potty sometimes, so I know she knows what it's for. When will she start wanting to go on the potty? It's clear she knows when she is going to the bathroom. Should I encourage her, and how? I know she is really young. I self trained at 18 months according to my mom, and never had any accidents. My DH trained later, but was still easy.
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Mandy Mandy-we always seem to cross paths!! Our kiddos sound so similar.
DS has been really interested when we go potty, so just for the fun of it-absolutely no pressure, I bought him the Once Upon a Potty book and potty set. He LOOOVES it-loves to sit on it, loves to talk about it. And he'll go potty in it when he sits on it, if I am also going potty.

Well the other AM he woke up and said Pee Pee so we went to the little potty, took his diaper off and sure enough he went Pee Pee in the potty-gave him lots of praise and he was all smiles.

So there is no training happening here-just whenever I go, I take his diaper off and sit him down and sometimes he'll need to go and sometimes not!

WooHoo-but DH was saying Sad too because our little ones are growing up!
Hi, Melinda! Our babies ARE growing up. No pressure on DD here either, she just seems to want to go. I guess I will start putting her on the potty whenever I go, instead of waiting for her to grab her crotch :LOL My MIL cannot believe how clear it is when she goes, and how she really knows what she is doing. I guess it is the first step in potty learning. I don't have any book, though. I just have a potty chair a family memeber gave me whenI was PG. I might look at the library next week, though.
you might find that EC will work for you and your DD. check out the subforum under diapering. 14 months is in that late-starting EC/early PT age, but since her signals are so clear EC "methods" (really fostering the communication) may work as well or better than conventional PTing.

i don't have a toddler, i was just cruising by because my 10mo old will be a toddler soon and your post caught my eye!
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