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I just became convinced that pee sticks are a valuable tool.<br><br>
My midwife friend just mailed me a bunch to use. I had been dragging my feet about buying my own as was not convinced they were worth it.<br><br>
So for about a week I have been feeling heavy pressure like discomfort in my pelvis. Kinda like you do at the end, but I'm only 20 weeks. Back aches too. I've been resting in bed at the end of the day because I'm just so uncomfortable. I've been using arnica oil on my back, with a little relief. I figured my pelvis was out of whack and I have an appointment with the chiro Monday.<br><br>
So I pee on a stick when I get them and my nitrates were above normal...indicating a UTI. I'd never had one so I had no idea.<br><br>
24 hours later, 2 jugs of cranberry juice, vitamin C and echinacia (sp?) and I feel so much better.<br><br>
I just wanted to share.
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