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I had a 10 lb baby last time. It was months before I could sit in a saddle again (I have horses) due to pelvic pain. Even a couple of years afterwards I always had pain if I did too much lifting for example or if I had to stand and hold my son. This time around my hip & leg pain started early on and have now been in physical therapy for a couple of months. I get to do pool excercises and the best part is just floating in the deep end. But due to the pain I cannot do normal chores around the barn and am now limited even in the house. Yesterday I do not know what I did and found myself last night up for 3 hours in total pain. I have pain in both hips. If I tried to stand it feels like my hips are two pieces, one stuck up high, and I had to hang onto the wall until things straightened out. If I turned from one side to the other I had extreme pain on my entire pelvic floor. Then to top it off my scar from my gall bladder removal burns all the time because it is stretching. And it burns bad enough I cannot even touch it. It is right at the top of my belly button. Nothing seems to work to keep it from hurting now. And while I am very glad my gall bladder is gone because lots of stomach issues went with it, this really sucks. So this morning I put on my baby support harness thinking it might help my hips for the day. Instead the way it sits on me it puts pressure right on my painful scar. Now the hunt for a different kind, but as far as I can tell this is one of the best ones because it goes over the shoulders. And once again I will be having a big baby. I had PT this afternoon and they really have no ideas for the pain other then ice. Ok put me in a tub of ice. If the pain continues tonight I will call the midwives in the morning. Arghhhhh!!!! And to think I am 30 weeks now. Will I even be walking by 35 weeks?
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